Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby Stichter Pick'em

You are invited to participate in Baby Stichter’s First Pick’em contest!  Here are the categories:

·         Time of birth – closest over or under - $20
·         Height – closest over or under - $10
·         Weight – closest over or under - $10
Limit of one entry per person.  Winner of each category will receive a gift certificate to the store of their choice.  Ties will be broken by each entrant's average ranking in the other two categories.  If the same person wins all three categories I will award them with a $100 gift certificate of their choice.   Both kids and adults are encouraged to participate, but all entries must be submitted by Dec 12, 2010 at midnight.
A few facts to keep in mind (they may or may not apply)
1.       Dan’s fantasy football team currently has a record of 7-5
2.       Baby Stichter is due January 3, 2011
3.       The Stichter’s have a dog named Macchiato who is an 8 year old beagle, lab mix.
4.       Dan was born three weeks late.  Emily was born two weeks early.
5.       Dan is 6’2” tall. Emily is 5’4” tall.
6.       Dan drives a Honda Civic. Emily drives a Jeep Liberty.
7.       Baby Stichter is a girl and has extra long legs (according to the doctors).
8.       Emily is a certified pastry chef with experience in the cupcake industry.
9.       Emily’s fantasy football team is 6-6.
10.     Dan’s favorite number is 5. Emily’s favorite number is undecided.

Check back this week and see where you rank as we update the list of entries.  There will be a table posted on this blog.  Invite your friend's to participate too.  The more the merrier!

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