Sunday, January 16, 2011

It Finally Happened

I wondered how long it would take. We have been lulled into a false sense of security but late last night the event finally took place.  Emily woke me up around 2:00am so I could take my turn to change Adylyn.  Our last few nights had been relatively uneventful.  Normal feedings and poopy diapers on a relatively consistent schedule.  (On another note, Adylyn has started sleeping for longer periods during the night. Praise Jesus!)  I got up, pulled Adylyn out of her bed, and set up a diaper and a few wipes on the end of our bed for her diaper change.  I took her out of her swaddle blanket, unbuttoned her onesie, and checked her diaper.  Definitely both wet and dirty.  Then it happened...projectile poop. EVERYWHERE.  All over her, all over her swaddle blanket, AND all over our bed.  She was positioned in such a way that the poop (the consistency of applesauce) actually ran down the side of our comforter.

I've heard lots of stories about crazy baby bowel movements, but generally those apply to boys (peeing on people, etc.)  I now have personal experience with the phenomenon and I can say that while it's not fun or funny and the time it sure is later.  From this point forward I plan to use the changing pad and position the new diaper as soon as possible. I'll never know when that poop might spray.  (In case you were curious the pee just kind of dribbles out for little girls so there's not as big of a chance of a "diaper disaster" via number one)

Adylyn Right Now
Bear Down! Chicago Bears!

In other news, Adylyn keeps growing and changing.  She is developing a little bit of neck control and seems to react to sights, sounds, and smells (I have no idea if this is valid, but it at least appears that way).  Emily is terrified that Adylyn is going to start crawling early. (This would mean that Emily will have to start baby proofing earlier and lose some of her home decor) Thank you too all of you who attended baby showers, provided hand-me-downs, provided meals, and checkin to see how we are doing.  Once our pediatrician mandated six week quarantine is up (see the reader poll on the right) we plan to take Ady out to meet all of you (baby party?!?). Everything is going great and we can't wait to see what God has in store next week.

PS. Also, congrats to our friends Chris and Christy who were blessed with Claire Elizabeth last week. I feel a play date coming on!


  1. Too funny!! We caught ourselves laughing twice today (once at about 3:30am) regarding crazy diaper changes with Claire. Looking forward to sharing stories and meeting Adylyn!! -Christy

  2. Well, I must say although 6 weeks seems really long, we DIDN'T do that and both Brianna (January birth) and Brockton (February) had RSV at 6 (Brie) and 3 weeks (Brockton.) And Brie had to go back in the hospital for 2 days. SO...yeah, it's not a bad idea. Fun, not so much. But neither is a sick baby. Believe me. Grandma Kim showed me her brag book this morning. I told her I want to visit! But right now that would require having healthy children to bring along (if you'd even want our crazy mess of wildness to show up and invade.) I'm still working on figuring this out!