Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Been Two Weeks

Hard to believe it but it's been two weeks already.  Having no past experience in child rearing it's a little difficult for me to rate how it's going, so I'm going to say that it's going great.  Adylyn eats about every 3 hours but she seems to enjoy being awake and held during the 11pm-2am time slot.  So Adylyn and her dad are getting their money's worth out of the Netflix subscription.  Do you think infants can be traumatized at a young age by action movies or HBO miniseries?

Today was the first rough day.  It actually started last night when the Colts lost.  I could tell that Adylyn was pretty upset because she decided to scream for the remainder of the night and through the next morning.  After getting off her feeding schedule for a while she started back again this afternoon and has finally calmed down.  We think that it might actually be the Italian or dairy that Emily ate yesterday but I we will just have to evaluate it again in the future.

Next week should be a big test.  Work picks up pretty quickly for me (accounting busy season) so Emily will be at home with Adylyn for a long time during the day.  Thankfully our friends from church have set up meals for us.  If anyone would like to participate the link is on the top right of the page. 

Thanks again for all of your prayers and support.  The doctor says Adylyn isn't supposed to go out in public for six weeks (come on Doc!).  I think that's a little long (I want her to meet people!) but we can't take her out for now.  If she gets sick then we will have to explain to the doctor why we took her out.  I guess it's better safe than sorry. 

Do you have any tricks or tips you used when your kids were infants?  We'll take all the suggestions we can get.


  1. I would suggest having a bottle of Hylands Homeopathic Colic Tabs on hand, we still use them for Eva when she gets gassy. Keep up the nursing as long as possible and enjoy this stage, it doesn't last long! Good jobs guys :)

    Beth Shepherd

  2. Agree with beth Shepherd on the Hylands Homeopathis Colic Tablets (get them at any grocery or drug store - little white bottle, small disolvable tablets), also, Gripe water, a fennel seed water that helps calm tummies. And it's sad, but I found it true, that as a nursing mom I had to watch very carefully what I ate. Both our girls were born in the winter (Dec. & Jan.) and it's a good thing to go along with Dr.s recommendation to not take them out. A little germ can wreak havock on the baby and getting even less sleep as a parent wreaks havock on everything else! Thanks for posting. It's fun to read how you three are doing. Love to you all.