Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baby Time Top 10

Our recent Christmas parties and other events have got me thinking.  Since Baby Stichter is due this holiday season there are some awesome "baby's here!" scenarios.  No, I did not consult Emily for her thoughts before I put together this list.  This is my top 10 list anyway.  Do you have thoughts on this list or a great idea I forgot?

Top 10 "Baby's Here!" Scenarios
*events have already occurred
10.  Due Date
9.    New Year's Day
8.    Dec. 27th or 28th - Emily's choice so it makes the list
7.    Christmas Eve - Christmas Carols in the delivery room 
6.    Jon McLaughlin & Sarah Scarborough Concert*
5.    Today
4.    Company Christmas Party - Lucas Oil Stadium*
3.    New Year's Eve (delivery pre midnight)
2.    Colts v Jags game - seriously. How awesome would it be to have to leave the biggest regular season game of the 2010 season because my wife is having a baby. Epic. But number one wins out...
1.    Any day when it's twins.

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