Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dad Post: The First of Many

I just decided that rather than try to maintain a baby blog and a personal blog I will just take advantage of my unborn child's celebrity and write here. Hence, the "Dad Post".  It may stay, it may fade but for now it's here.

Baby Thoughts: Baby A few days ago a co-worker commented "Dan, any day now you could be a dad!"  While I realize that's how this whole process works it didn't hit me until then.  I'm actually going to be a dad with real duties and responsibilities.  To this point Emily has pretty much taken care of me, but this baby will be completely dependent on Emily and I for good jokes, dating advice, and fashion sense.  Let's hope she gets the fashion sense from Emily. The other two I think I can handle.

Dork Corner: Today we were watching Jeopardy (a guy won for the 8th time in a row) and all the contestants were stumped on a $1000 clue.  I made up a word as I usually do (Emily may have more correct answers but I get the creativity award) and it was correct.  Who knew that "elephantine" was a word?  Congratulations if you did, I'm just an accountant.

Sports/Accounting/Stats (SAS): In case you weren't already aware, taxes are rediculously complicated.  I claim to be an accountant and I haven't the slightest what's going on these days.  Keeping up with the tax code is getting to be worse that trying to keep up with Brett Favre's injury/employment status.  I ended up finding a listing of commonly overlooked tax deductions that is actually pretty good.  I think the key with this stuff is to just ask questions.  If we don't talk then we can't learn from each other.

Fun Fact*: You are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork than a poisonous spider.

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