Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby Stichter Pick'em - The Results

It's finally time to announce the results of Baby Stichter Pick'em.  Thank you to all of those who participated.  We fell about 62 entries short of my 100 entry goal but I'm just glad I don't have to give anyone a $100 gift card.  The winners are as follows and will receive a gift card of their choice in the mail this week.

Birthdate - Actual 12/25/10 10:22pm
Best Guess: Laura Feeney, 12/24/10 1:20am, 45:02 from actual
Runners Up: Kim Fox, Susanna Stichter

Weight - Actual 7.14lbs
Best Guess: Jamie Smith, 7.125lbs, 0.01lbs from actual
Runners Up: Lanette Nelson, Melissa Miller

Height - Actual 20.25"
Best Guess: Lanette Nelson, 20", 0.25" from actual
Runners Up: Esther Stichter, Sarah Stichter

Sidenote: Gentlemen, I think we should stick to only picking our noses because baby pick'em evidently isn't our thing.  The men didn't make the podium in a single category.  Admittedly there were more entries from women than men (20 women, 17 men), but at least one guess should have made the top three in at least one category.  Better luck next year....wait, not next year, I meant next time. Have to look out for those Freudian slips. 

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