Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dad Post 2 - Conundrums

 A post of conundrums.  I have so many dad thoughts flying around up there that I'm having a tough time landing the plane.  I'd appreciate it if you would voice your thoughts using the opinion poles on the right side of the screen.

Parenting Conundrum: Does anyone else find it odd that so much time and money goes into making sure kids poop with their clothes on at a very young age.  But then we go and trying to teach kids to poop without their clothes on just a few years later?  If I was still trying to develop basic motor skills and the ability to communicate I think this would be highly confusing.

Sports Conundrum: Now that I have a young impressionable life under my influence what team should she root for in the Superbowl?  The Packers are a respectable franchise with a dedicated and hardworking fan base.  The Steelers are much the same.  I have good friends in both cities.  Such a tough decision.  But what fun is the Superbowl without picking a team to root for?

Nickname Conundrum: I need a good dad nickname.  You know, the name that only the dad uses.  Ady or Adylyn will be what everyone else calls her, but I want something different and original.  I already periodically call Emily, E-dizzle, so A-dizzle is no good.  I also figure it shouldn't be something that implies girth, promiscuity, or ugliness (Adasaurous Rex, A-girl, Little Ady Alligator).  Emily has emphatically vetoed everything I have suggested to date. Anyone have any ideas?  I will post any suggestions I receive in a poll starting after the Superbowl (vote in the What Should Ady Wear to the Superbowl Party? poll right now!).

Fun Fact: In an average day, a four year old child will ask 437 questions (and when that day comes I plan to make up a legitimate sounding answer for every one of them)

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  1. love the dad posts! under your parenting conundrum, check this site out....maybe it's for you? :)