Sunday, February 13, 2011

Aunt Post: The Cool Aunt

I've decided to be the cool Aunt. (No offense to Sarah)

So... Ady is pretty awesome. I am currently babysitting while mommy and daddy are out for Valentine's Day!!! Which at the moment consists of sitting on the couch, watching rugby on TV, and letting Ady sleep. But I should enjoy it while it lasts, cause I hear that 7 pm is her usual "unhappy" time.

So I'm not near as cool as Dan and I don't know how to make surveys and ask deep questions. But I have been thinking that I'm going to have to work really hard to be a "cool" aunt. I remember going to visit my aunt at college. It was something that I looked forward to every year... Grandma and Grandpa usually took me to see her for my birthday. But I shall be graduating in a little over a year and then I will have to find something else that will make me a "cool" aunt.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!

Aunt Steph

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