Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dad Post: Success!

Emily took pity on me and agreed to help me find an outfit for Ady's first superbowl party.  For our first official outing the whole family headed to Once Upon a Child (can I get some cash for that little endorsement?) and took a look through what seemed like miles and miles of little people clothing.  You'd think that a store can't fit that much into 2000 square feet but when you can hang four levels of clothes on each side of each rack things really start to get overwhelming.  Admittedly we had all of our success on the boy's side of the aisle, but I think we maintained her femininity just fine.

Sunday morning we took Ady to Sunday School so our class could oohh and aahh over how cute she is.  I think Emily had been waiting for that day since she found out she was pregnant.  As planned by the Big Man Himself our Sunday School lesson was on Proverbs 22:6 and our teachers went over some practical application on raising children.  The thoughts brought up have really got me thinking.  Look for a post with some of those thoughts in the near future.

Sunday afternoon we rested up for our big night.  It was superbowl time!  We were attending a party with our Sunday school class so we loaded up Ady, some crackers & dip, our biggest TV, and the superbowl boxes game I drew up.  If you know me at all, anywhere there is a group of people I'm always happy to turn things into a competition (even if there's no skill involved).  Ady had a great time!  She got to be held pretty much every minute of the entire game only cried a little when the baby got slammed against the window. (see sidebar for video) Also, I have decided that Ady has baby crushes on both the eTrade baby (I call him Frank) and Mini Darth Vader (MDV).  Her parents are leaning more toward Frank since we think he may have a more stable work and financial future.  MDV may be a little old for her (and slightly dim witted) but he also seems very imaginative and funny.  So I guess the jury is still out on the baby crush.

Overall the first weekend of outings was a great success!  Be thinking of Emily this week as I am spending my first time out of town since Ady was born.  It's not that I really did that much anyway (Emily rocks at Mom-dom) but I know she liked to at least have me around just in case.

Final Note: I'm holding off on the nickname poll for right now since I have all these great pictures I want to post.  Can you tell me which one is your favorite?  Vote in the picture poll!

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