Friday, February 4, 2011

Dad Post: Dad Needs Help!

Sorry, this is a quick post.  I'm working on something longer for next week. 

The readers have spoken (I may or may not have voted from multiple computers) and unless something drastic changes in the polls, Ady will be wearing "Something Cute - Football Themed" to the superbowl party tomorrow night.  Unfortunately Ady's mother has stated that if Ady is going to wear "Something Cute - Football Themed" then I have to find it tomorrow. And I completely stink at shopping in general, let alone shopping for tiny girl clothes.

Any ideas where I can look for a tiny football outfit? Any kind of direction or suggestions will be better than what I have now (ie. nothing).  Cheerleader outfit (tasteful of course), tiny jersey (not Colts, just general), just a shirt with a football on it; I'll take whatever I can find.  Anything!  Worst case scenario I'll have to bust out some old nasty sweatbands.  Believe me, nobody wants that.  I was also trying to figure out how to do eye black, but that might be going a little to far (it would be so cute!!...please someone help me justify it)  So in the end I really need your help!  Suggestions???

PS. For all the concerned mothers and grandmothers out there, Emily has already stated that no matter what I pick out Adylyn has to wear some sort of a girly headband/bow.  It is not my intent to just dress her up like a boy.

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