Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Search Is On!

This place would be perfect!
Emily and I are looking for a small furnished apartment/lakehouse/cave to rent in the Kosciusko County (Winona Lake, Warsaw, Syracuse, Nappanee, etc.) area. 

I'm currently planning on being in the area from March 14 to April 15 and would like to bring my wife and new baby along while I'm on business.  (Plus there are a lot of people in up there who need to meet Ady!)  We have quickly realized that Ady needs a lot of stuff.  We have also realized that due to the stuff (and a general distaste for long term hotel living) we would rather not move in and out of a hotel every week.  Therefore we are look for something a little more permanent (by permanent I mean a 5 week stay).  Basically a place where we can stay for weekends if we want and leave our things. 

We pay great rent and will give a security deposit etc.  Anyone have any leads or ideas?  Comment or email me by clicking here.  Thanks in advance!

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  1. I might know of someone, I'll check with a friend & let you know.

    Beth Shepherd