Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dad Post: The Grammy's

I'll admit straight off that this post has little to do with Ady's recent activities, growth spurts, or cute faces.  So if that's what you're looking for stop reading now.  Probably not worth your time.  You will most likely just come away thinking "Dan, I think you've actually lost it this time" which could very well be true. (But not like these people)  Sometimes it takes a little "crazy" to make life interesting right?

Oh the Grammy's.  With a young daughter in the house I'm starting to think about what I will and won't allow her to watch and be influenced by.  Overall I considered the Grammy night nearly a complete waste of my time.  Lady Gaga disturbed me, Justin Beiber dismayed me (because I was actually very entertained), and the rest of the show just distracted me from anything productive.

So there's no way I will encourage/allow my daughter watch this kind of thing right? Or is there a level of creativity and a breadth of music I want her to be exposed to at a certain age?  Emily and I both were involved in music and we hope that our daughter at least has an appreciation for it (yes Emily, even classical music).  At least an appreciation that goes beyond being able to sing along with the most recent hit song on the radio.  I guess at some age it will be appropriate for her to watch and appreciate.  Unfortunately at the rate things are going I'm also going to have to give her a sex ed. lesson before she will be able to understand what/who is performing.  While the Grammy's probably aren't appropriate for a three year old I think I'd like to be able to expose her to different genres and artists in the home rather than her being exposed through friends at school. 

So my question is this. As Christians we are to be "in the world but not of the world".  Does this include watching (and even supporting through the purchase of music) artists such as those profiled and awarded on the Grammy's? Are the Grammy's something I want my daughter to watch?  If not are there aspects we can learn from and appreciate? Parenting is hard and I haven't even had to do anything yet (teenage girl years are still a ways away).

Random Sidebar: Sorry Emily, I have a new band crush, Mumford & Sons.  (Former band crushes include Relient K, The Fray, Snow Patrol, Sufjan Stevens, and Owl City)  A four man Indie Folk band from England gave a performance that caught my ear and reintroduced me to a song that I can't get out of my head.  I discovered the group a while back while watch CoolTV (yes, that broadcast channel that only plays music videos).  I all but forgot about them until their Grammy performance.  Banjo, tight harmonies, and lyrics that can get a guy thinking (I may investigate them in a future post).  Their music is an aspect of human creativity and thought that I hope my daughter has an appreciation for.  People who think and ask why, who create, and who want more than just face value from the this life.  Aren't those the attributes God created us for but in a worship context?

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